The booster club is the non-profit organisation which work for different noble causes. Though there are different noble causes education is the main cause of most of the booster clubs. That work in order to gain the funds for the education of schools. Some organisations work for the education of poor students or some organisations work for the schools only because they consider education as a crucial part of life.

Booster clubs do a lot for the schools and schools also do a lot for the booster clubs. It does not mean that booster clubs should not do anything on their own. Booster clubs work with the donations they get and trust me! It is not an easy task. Booster clubs also need promotion so that they can get more funds. In layman’s language, Booster Club Marketing is important. Promotion of booster clubs is happening from the past several years but the ideas are not working nowadays. So, new strategies need to be developed now. I am here with the new strategies for the booster club marketing. Trust me! These new strategies are seriously doing well for the fundraising.

Bakery Items:

Cakes and bakery items are in high demand in the market, especially among the children. You can get the bakery items either from the market or you can bake it on your own. You can get the bakery items at the cheaper rates and you can place the stalls in the schools. There are various occasions like Diwali Meal, New Year eve and many other events in which you can invite the students and their parents.

Facebook Account:

As soon as you set up a booster club, you can promote your booster club by starting the Facebook page. It is difficult to deny that a part of the population is on the internet especially Facebook. You can promote your booster club on the page. Try to add new campaigns and new advertisements on the Facebook page. The more you will promote your business, the more funds you will get. Advertising your booster club on Facebook is much cheaper than promoting on the other platforms.

Instagram Account:

More than 100 million active users are using Instagram, so why don’t you promote your booster club on the Instagram page. You can expect more funds for the schools with the promotion on the Instagram account. Not only your organisation will feel supported but you will get enough visibility.

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