Chemistry: A genuine mystery! Here are 4 tips to help you unravel this mystery and ace this chemistry exam! Also, you might find our NCERT solutions for class 12 chemistry incredibly helpful as well.

Taking Notes.

You might probably remember more about what the teacher is explaining if you develop the habit of jotting down key points, facts and figures. This will serve as a sort of mental-reinforcement and will help you recall information much more quickly and correctly. This works partly because you are actively engaging and stimulating your mind by listening and then reproducing the said information. So the next time you sit for a lecture, remember to write them down and review them later.

Understand, Don’t Memorize.

A concept maybe recalled more easily if the student was able to completely comprehend it. But blindly memorizing it might make recalling that information harder and there are possibilities that the mind might manipulate and modify information such that the content reproduced maybe inaccurate. Therefore, it is vital that students should prefer understanding the concept and recalling it rather than memorizing it without any context. Of course, there are some exceptions to that rule as there are some contents which are fundamental and can’t be questioned. Therefore, these have to be memorized. Eg: Why does the Hydrogen atom have only 1 electron?

Charts and diagrams.

We can recall information more easily when it is represented in a diagrammatic format rather than a big boring block of text. That’s why it’s effective when you draw flowcharts and diagrams to represent information. Chemistry contains a whole lot of formulas and it becomes quite hard to remember all these formulas unless you use charts and diagrams to recall information. Another tip that’s quite helpful is using flashcards. Flashcards help the student to memorize much more easily as information is stored into small chunks and this helps to recall information more effectively.


This one seems quite obvious but the biggest factor that affects your ability to recall information is sleep. Getting adequate sleep ensures that the mind remains fresh and alert and this directly impacts the learning process. Furthermore, scientist have found conclusive evidence which links the ability to retain and recall information with sleep. Therefore, make sure you’ve had adequate sleep right before you start studying.

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