Life becomes busy and exhausting as soon as a baby arrives, especially if you’re a first-time parent. Baby swings, baby bouncers and baby rockers are the few baby gears which are a must-have for the babies to keep them entertained for a while, to put them off to sleep and to free up your hands and be available for other household chores. The rocking motion that parents often do with their child using their hands is mimicked by the swings and hence, putting them off to sleep becomes easier.

Due to this, you need to take a detailed look at baby rocker, baby bouncers and baby swings so that you can get the best one for your baby. Nevertheless, it can get too challenging for the parents to determine which one to get for their baby. Here are few details on each of them.


Do you have a fidgety baby whom you find it tough to get back to sleep? If answered yes, baby rockers are the best pacifier for your baby as they can keep your toddler entertained for sometime without consuming too much space. The 2 types of rockers that you get are:

  • Bassinet rockers: They’re also called soothers, sleepers or rock n’ plays and the names vary according to the brands. The benefit of these is that they’re also used for sleeping overnight as they’re mechanically armed to rock your baby to sleep.
  • Baby rocker chairs: These are also powered by motion and they too are mechanically powered. Although they aren’t as common as bassinet rockers, they are not recommended for sleep.


If you’re acquainted with bouncers, you’ll know that they have a bouncy seat which is versatile, small and the best part is that it is a rather cheap piece of equipment for your baby. With just a gentle tap on the seat, the bouncers are set in motion and there are even some which come with toy bars handing which let babies reach out to the toys, play with the music and the vibrators. With such movements, your baby gets ready for walking stages even during the early months. However, this is not perfect for the baby to sleep.


Baby swings have seats which are powered automatically and which pose to be a comfort for a very choosy baby by mimicking the motion which the baby felt inside the womb. The only pitfall is that it is difficult to find out whether or not your baby will like it or hate it. For the parents who have a cranky kid, a good swing can often be a pacifier as he might love the swinging to and fro motion. You can baby swings in full-sized and portable models.

Therefore, whenever you’re thinking of the best ways to pacify your baby, choose a baby swing or a baby rocker or a baby bouncer whichever suits the needs and choices of your baby.

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