From time to time, the course lecturer may request that the students write a movie review. It is common to be assigned a film or even a documentary and be asked to review it.

Besides academic purposes, a movie review may be done professionally. Whatever the conundrum you are in, this article will surely help you complete the task and write a satisfying movie review.

Definition of a movie review

A movie review is a written piece of work that gives the opinion of the writer as well as a critical analysis of the movie. A movie review is not complete unless it has the following tenets:

  • A personal opinion of the writer about the movie. This does not have to be a standard rating like 6/10. As long as the reader knows how much the movie piqued your interest, that is enough to go by.
  • Main themes embodied in the movie should come out in the movie.
  • Your opinion notwithstanding, the review should not be biased.

A film is a work of creativity and therefore, your review should consider all the artistic styles that are used in any creative piece. The approach used should also be both analytical and creative.

Steps towards an excellent movie review

  1. Watch the movie. Then redo it again

Watching the movie once will not cut it. Watch it at least twice. More if you have the time but twice should do it. Make mental notes or physical ones on the key areas in the movie that you would want to highlight in your review.

You should write down the main themes and characters and the main ideas presented in the movie.

  1. Do research

Dig up more information about the movie. What was the inspiration behind the movie? What about the director? Who is the producer? What inspired the movie?

Your research should cover all these areas and should present satisfactory answers to these questions. The review will have a better impact if it is well researched.

  1. Draft an outline of the review

Once you know enough about the movie, you now need to come up with an outline of how you will present your ideas and thoughts about the movie. This will require a thorough analysis of the movie. Evaluate the movie from the beginning to the end. If you find some parts confusing, you can search online for other reviews and thoughts of other viewers on the movie. That may help you understand more about the movie.

Make sure you prepare support for the claims you plan to make on the review. This should be excerpts from the movie. Your review should be ordered in a logical flow. You can start with introductory facts about the movie, followed by a summary of the plot and then themes and anything else you feel the movie portrays.

  1. Then comes the writing

Write out the review according to your outline. Write genuinely. It should be a representation of what you feel about the movie.

Once pointing out the main story of the movie is done, you can point out any mistakes you found in the plot. These are such as plot holes, discrepancies in the flow of the movie and other subtleties that the producers missed. You can then end with a suggestion of how these could have been improved and then recommending the movie to readers.

  1. Getting help

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