Before deciding on the space that you will be relocating your office to, you will need to take various factors into account. Cost is definitely the biggest deciding factor, but so are the needs of your personal and the type of computing systems which you use.

Ask to look at the Environmental Performance Certificate so that you can know how energy-efficient the space is since that you are interested in is. This can make a huge difference to your electricity bills as well as the impact that your business might have on the environment.

Your space requirements

Space requirements won’t only include the floor space needed to settle all your employees in comfortably, safely and efficiently in accordance with workplace regulations. You will also need to consider any future growth and you will have to also take the cabling needs of your equipment into consideration. The safest and most appealing to the eyes is to conceal the cabling within the ceiling or under the floor. The creation of powered flooring or raised flooring is still the most popular method used.

Flexibility within your business space

Cabling is needed for both data and power and each desk within the area will need access to the power and internet points. It isn’t always viable or practical to have all the desks against walls otherwise the rest of the floor space will go to waste. A raised floor allows for the best utilization of all the available spaces while it also allows for other mechanical, climate control and plumbing services to run through.Floor boxes

A fully powered floor will need to be serviced by floor boxes which allow for a flexible means of distributing power across the office. If the space you have decided on already has some of these, you may need to relocate them or add more to cover more of the area.

In buildings where there is no possibility of installing a powered floor with floor boxes, then perimeter trunking is the best way to keep cabling out of sight and to give all the desks access points.

Floor boxes do not only solve the needs for your current business needs but ensure that all future needs are also covered. There are many designs which are aesthetically pleasing and diverse to cover the needs of every type of office situation as well as to fit the design of your space. The choice of adaptors varies and they can take multiple jacks from computers, data, printers, and other office equipment.

There are two types of floor boxes to consider for your access floor:

  • Concealed – All the power, communications and data devices are hidden in the area below the powered floor and there is covering that goes over the floor box to conceal this. Only the cover shows on the powered flooring. They can incorporate many types of jacks for all the needs of each desk. The covers come in many finishes to match the color scheme of the flooring.
  • Flush – These are mounted at the finished floor level for devices to be attached as needed. These come in a whole range of finishes including wood and different colors chrome making them easy to match to the décor that you have chosen. Many models come with matching cover plates.

The design and installation of any powered floor needs to be undertaken by a professional who understands your current needs and who will be able to make the necessary recommendations to ensure that any future needs are met at the least possible cost.

 Make use of all the office solutions available today to cover the needs of tomorrow. Access to powered flooring offers reliability, flexibility, and safety for you and your co-workers.

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