A stable, well trained, and hardworking workforce is a central tenet on which successful businesses rests. It’s a significant loss of time and resources when an employee, especially a good performer, resigns. Often, many employees leave due to circumstances outside of their control for e.g., sudden onset of health problems. An organization must, however, try to minimize the instances of those quitting of their own accord. Many of such departures can be avoided altogether. Here is a list of reasons your employees want to leave. Rectifying these issues could help you reduce attrition and enhance your company’s profitability.

Inflexible Schedules

Often, employers forget that employees have a life outside of work and fail to consider giving them flexible working hours. This often results in employees coming on weekends instead of spending time with family or engaging in leisure which leads to growing discontent among them. Thus, employees might want to resign the moment a better opportunity presents itself. Give your employees proper rest on weekends and flexible hours, so they can dedicate time to their personal lives, ultimately displaying higher productivity at work.

Hostile Workspace

If employers devalue their workers, it most certainly creates a hostile work environment for the employee. No one enjoys working in a place that underestimates or fails to recognize their value. A hostile workspace is one of the major reasons employees choose to leave. If they feel disrespected, it not only does brings their morale down but also reduces productivity in their work. Work to resolve such issues and create a friendly environment for your employees to maximize their potential.

Missed Promotions

When talented, sincere, and hard-working employees don’t get the promotions they deserve, they decide to leave their jobs for something better. Opportunities to advance to better positions always boost one’s morale as upward mobility is what everyone is aiming for. Career stagnation can bring morals and dreams crashing down. There is more to working than just a paycheck with your name on it; an employee demands recognition for the hard work they put in. Failing to appreciate or promote them could be detrimental to their loyalty towards the company. No one likes to feel like they are replaceable pawns in office politics or to see someone who hasn’t worked as hard superseding them. Award your cherished employees the promotion or advances they deserve or watch them walk out the door without a second thought.

Above all, when hiring for your organization, only let responsible, ethical people in the door. You can contract recruitment agencies to help you with picking the right employees that stick through thick and thin.

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