Studying abroad, everyone hopes to have a better future, but American universities (Also known as 美国大学in Chinese) are not as loose as Chinese universities, and there are many cases of expelling from schools every year. What if the student receives a notice of withdrawal (also known as 退学 in Chinese)?

First, keep calm

At this time, it is necessary to reflect on yourself, and carefully analyze the reasons why you are expelled from a university. If it is because you do not work hard at school, then you should reflect deeply. But first keep calm, because international students who are not normally graduated are only 15 days away from school after they are expelled from school. During this period, if international students intend to return to China, they need to deal with various issues such as account termination, check-out, transfer, and booking of return air ticket.

Second, verify your score

If you feel that this score is far different from your own estimate, not true the reason why the professor promised to give you a higher grade at an early time, then you must find the professor’s verification score on the scalp. Although it is rare for a score to be misjudged, it is not impossible. In the case that the GPA is only a few decimal places, raising a certain grade will save you from the disaster.

Then, contact the instructor

After learning the news of withdrawal, the first step should immediately contact the instructor and the international student counselor to discuss your current situation and countermeasures. Sometimes, for international students, proper competition may leave room for reversal. If the withdrawal has become an established fact, then it is necessary to go to the International Student Counselor to find out the relevant regulations and policies.

Finally, find other options for yourself

If there is no other way to avoid being expelled by school, students who want to study in the United States can apply to other schools immediately. This way, they can try to complete the transfer process in the United States. They do not need to return to China to apply for a school and apply for a visa, saving a lot of trouble. However, it is very difficult to transfer in 15 days. It is generally impossible to apply good schools with high ranking and quality teaching staffs, which consider students who have been expelled from another school. Many students usually choose the next best choice. They choose a community college or a language school to maintain their student status, and then try to improve their GPA and apply for another university as a new student. If the student’s identity is hard to maintain, you must first find a school that you are willing to accept, re-identify through reinstatement, and restore student status.

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